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Stuff Since 2014

Hi Beijing, how are you? 


Thursday, in case you’re not all music’d out on account of FDLM there’s some weekend warm ups for you in the form of Plateau Band and Wireless at DDC, a delicious blend of indie and hiphop that pairs pretty well with an IPA from 9p.m. Meanwhile a little way aways at Temple it’s hardcore o’clock with punk upstarts Tumour Boy, Return The Truth, and Last Resort from 10p.m, while downstairs at Dada it’s also hardcore all over, yet more along the lines of men in sportswear with a remarkable affection for Windows 95 playing grimy beats, namely PuzzyStack, Bloodzboi, Yesen, and Yishan from 10p.m.


Friday, weekend starts here and fresh off their FDLM re-up 13 Club are back in the listings with the suitably hard rocking line up of Miga, Mr. Honey, and Electric Lady from 9p.m. Meanwhile over by Yonghegong Ember Swift and Star Band will be at School to rather appropriately celebrate the last day of school before the summer holidays from 9p.m. Over at DDC it’s “Cello and how you doin?” thanks to the face melting riffage of Just Chellin from 9p.m. Over by the drum tower Eric Cloutier  will be putting hot dogs on the decks at Dada and giggling wildly as they spin round and round and round and round from 11p.m. And over in Sanlitun something similar might be happening with savaloys crafted from dark matter at Rec Room with Redshift and Fizsko behind the decks from 10p.m.


Saturday, oh hangover why do you taunt us? Oh hangover why do you haunt us? Every time I’m on the subway waiting for a train to take me somewhere exciting I take the time to read the advertisements on the other side of the tracks. I take particular notice of the education related ones and by far my favouite one is Dada English. There is something about an EFL curriculum themed around Dada the nightclub(s) that cracks me up every time. I picture it now: a unkept adult male with an untucked shirt and bloodshot eyes at the front of the classroom, party hat perched on atop his sweaty mop, swaying back and forth, yelling, “Students! Repeat after you...I mean...repeat after, repeat after me! Me!”


 “What’s your phone number?”


“This DJ is a genius!”


“Buy me a shot!”


“This track is literally changing my life!”


“Could you stop touching me there please?”


 You can practice these invaluable phrases to the tunes of Starkey at Dada with support from Shackup, Oshi, and Radiax from 11p.m till late. Meanwhile there will be celebration of female singers at School with Ma Band, All Unknown, and Hard Candy Revolution from 9p.m, while DDC hosts the Beijing underground fest thingy with Dan Taylor, Ravi and the Puppets, Zhege, Hugh Reed and his Electric Shadows, Carlo on keys, and Nick Parsons from 9p.m. Over in Santlitun Locked Groove will be at Lantern with a host of deejays in the big and small room from midnight onwards while Russian model/DJ Aida will be throwing some amazing poses live at Rec Room.


Sunday, the day of rest, the day of regrets, the day of alcohol conjured figments of your dying brain  telling you to pack it all in, son. Once you regain most of your motor functions you could attempt to make it to Mao where genre-bending masters of mystery IvanBird will present and release their first band album Tethered from 9p.m. There’s a swag meet type thingy at Temple for pedals and cymbals and stuff from 9p.m, and over at DDC there will be some bosa nova good times with Stella and Hideaki Duo from 9p.m.


Next week: Monday, nothing except sadness? A feeling of missed opportunity and regret perhaps? Not much else. Tuesday, jazz jam at Jianghu from 9p.m and probably that same feeling of missed opportunity and regret. Finally, Wednesday, 4 Corners open mic. Definitely that feeling of missed opportunity and regret.


Enjoy the Bannana Pudding with Kayne. See you in a week Beijing.