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Drones and Groans

Hi Beijing, how are you? Hopefully the bricking up of the hutongs hasn’t led to your door disappearing and you being trapped in your home and left to rot for the rest of eternity. Hopefully. What else is new? It’s super hot, I saw pictures of an old lady cooking what looked like the aliens from District 9 on the hood of a car. That was weird. Oh, and this week Beijing is blessed by the presence of Italian psych drone duo Sothiac, who have travelled over land and sea to help us trip out, maaaaaaaaaaan. Par-tay down.


Today  is Wednesday, and that means it’s time for the Floso workshop, this week teaching you how to make a car that can travel through time and use Simpler in Ableton Live from 7p.m. Meanwhile at DDC it’s grand jam time from 9p.m. Go, be free, be happy, touch things, but do remember there is such a thing as a bad touch. And Tan Lijun and the Chaoyang Masses will be telling people in the audience how much they hate their faces Jianghu from 9p.m.


Thursday, binge watch Teenage Ninja Turtles and Bucky O’Hare until your eyes bleed. If you don’t you pretty much suck at life. At Temple Outsiders and Redundant Seconds will be tap dancing for change and moaning about how Wechat Wallet stole their souls from 9p.m. At School Anding Mental, Kuso Eyes, and Childish Food will be tap dancing for change and moaning about how Wechat Wallet stole their shoes from 9p.m. There will be a screening of The City Of Lost Children at fRuityspace from 9p.m and something about happy endings at DDC  from 9p.m also.


Friday, weekend starts here so stuff a vodka soaked tampon into an orifice and let the loathing begin. At School D.Cortisol, Glass Man of Song Dynasty, Hard Candy Revolution, and some other dweebs will be dancing around in grass skirts in a most inappropriate manner from 9p.m. At DDC Olympic gold winning gymnast Nadishana will be miming the entire script of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen with some generic dubstep playing on an iPhone in the background from 9p.m. Tight.  At Dada Solkyss Records will drop the beats like industrialised nations from the northern hemisphere drop bombs on poor nations in the south, with Nicolai Zellmani, Ensam, MSVB, and Pei acting as the overlords of slaughter from 10p.m. At Lantern everyone’s favourite Trapist monk turned porn star Roberto Traista will be throwing some shapes with support from QQ, Weng Weng, and Hamoudeh from 11p.m. And finally it’s open DJ night at fRUITYSPACE, which means you can play some generic dubstep from an iPhone and mime the entire script of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen from 9p.m. Be the solution.


Saturday, in the words of Flavor Flav: “I have over a hundred clocks.” Let that sink in for a minute. I mean, seriously. That is profound. Wow. Anyway you should rip a clock off a wall and hang it around your neck for the latest venture from Nasty Wizard Recordings: the double bill of Sothiac and Noise Arcade at fRUITYSPACE from 9p.m. Scroll down for an interview with Sothiac. If twitched and glitched electronics and deep drones is something you want to get into a Saturday night this is your jam. Pairs well with fRUITYSPACE’s fridge of cold beers me thinks. At School there will be a show case for Tulegur from 9p.m, which I think will be kind of like a life drawing class but with more swearing. At DDC it’s dark forest folk music from 9p.m, which I really hope is like a cross between SUNN O))))))) and a Tolkien appreciation society. At Dada Abyss X, who was on Boiler Room (then again so was King Necro) with support from Shackup, Bloodz Boi, and Puzzy Stack from 11p.m. And at Lantern people will be seeing through time to the tunes of Harry Ho, Eric Lee, Shen Yue, Jackson Lee and some other comedians from 11p.m.


Sunday, you enjoying that hangover? I hope so because that hangover is sure enjoying you. In the words of Vanilla Ice: “Learn from my mistakes and you don’t have to make them yourself.” That includes rap metal. After your hangover has subsided and you realise your finger was stolen by a drug dealing monkey stagger over to DDC for round two of Sothiac, this time paired with experimental ‘supergroup’ Liquid Palace from 9p.m. Drones and groans all night long guys. Finally at School Pon, Kepler, ShengJiao, and Ambulance Of Love will be telling you about all the girls they hate, all the words they hate, all the clothes they hate, how they'll never be anything they hate from 9p.m.


Next Week: Monday SaVor Latino do their residency thing at Modernista, kicking off from 10p.m until the staff turn on the lights and beg everyone to go home. Tuesday, jazzy jammage dripping down your face at Jianghu from 9p.m. Eeeewwwwwwwww. Wednesday, last chance to catch Sothiac before they depart for Dongbei: for this final Beijing performance they will be joined by the excellent December 3AM at School Bar for a night of post-rock and psych drones from 9p.m. Also the Floso Workshop, this week focusing on importance questions like where does your fist go when you open your hand? From 7p.m.


That’s all Beijing. Remember to tune in again next week for details of the Nekroma release show and the latest release from the twisted world of GUIGUISUISUI it’s going to be next Lv.70 awesome.



Sothiac are an experimental/psych/drone duo that blend atmosphere percussion, swirling electronics, guitars and other worldly vocals to create a mystic soup of sound. It’s good mood music for sitting in the dark with an incense stick burning pondering the landscape and lifeforms of far away planets, or at your desk on Tuesday morning whilst day dreaming about creative ways to dispose of your line managers corpse. Live it’s nothing short of a shamanistic experience, perhaps railing against and drawing on the post-utopian age of technology we find ourselves within.


Having collaborated with the likes of Faust, Sawada, Lino Liguori, Dirk Dhonau, and many more and toured all over the place including a sixteen show jaunt in Japan, Sothiac are no strangers to the underground music scene. This week Sothiac embark on a month long tour of China, spanning from the very north in Harbin down to the very south in Hong Kong. Ahead of this epic journey — their first in the Middle Kingdom — Dez Seyz took a moment with Pat Moonchy (vocals, electronics, synths) and Lucky Liguori (guitar and gongs) to learn a little bit about their history and their predictions on pop music and plans for cat orchestras.


Who are you and what do you do?


Sothiac: We are looking to find out ourself and we try to do what we want.


OK. What are your respective musical backgrounds?


Sothiac: We both standing out on to the music scene since twenty years ago as musicians, but also was the manager and resident DJ of underground club in Milano

(The Moonshine) which made us know alternative/experimental/ indie music.


How did the two of you meet? At a pet shop? On a pirate ship?


Sothiac: We met in a concert with a different band.


I notice that the music of Nikki Minaj and Justin Bieber is quite popular all around the world. Do you see either of them making psych drone music in the future?


Sothiac: Probably not yet...because music mainstream industry is focused on

other frequencies...maybe one day.


Do you to tend to find your music scares children and small animals?


Sothiac: For sure children and animals love our sound.


My cat agrees. You’ve collaborated with a lot of different artists over the years, what is the most important aspect for when you work with somebody?


Sothiac: Empathy, artistic flair, talent, professionalism.


Touring can pretty tiring and we’ve noticed you’ve been on the road a lot recently. What is your key motivation for traveling with your music?


Sothiac: Share the music with different cultures beyond music business, thanks

to the people with sense of curiosity.


If you could conduct an orchestra, like 300 pieces, where all the instruments are played by cats...what would you direct them to play?


Sothiac: Pats say the sand with piezo on paw. Lucio says didgeridoo.


Strong choices. What are your expectations for your China tour?


Sothiac: Amazed audiences inspired after our show.


After you’ve done with China what else do you have planned for 2017?


Sothiac: We'll move to London.


Sick. Final words of love or hate?


Sothiac: Ying/Yang = Love.



Dig more of Sothiac over at their bandcamp page:


Sothiac China Tour 2017


June 3 @ Beijing (fRUITYSPACE)

June 4 @ Beijing (Dusk Dawn Club)

June 6 @ Beijing (School Bar)

June 8 @ Harbin (The Door)

June 11 @ Changchun (Going RuXi)

June 14 @ Dalian (Echo Library)

June 20 @ Shanghai (Chair Club)

June 22 @ Changsha (46 LIVEHOUSE)

June 24 @ Guangzhou (Rozz Tox)

June 26- July 2 @Hong Kong (H2 Live Music Festival 2017)