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Liberate the Haze on a Dragon Boat

Hey Beijing, how are you? Another week and another hutong gets hit by the bricks, this time Fangjia, long time coming but a major downer none the less.  Still, life continues to beat in the big city, with fresh tapes being slung and electronic music fests taking advantage of the long Dragon Boat weekend. Spill some for your favourite bar that’s disappeared and appreciate all that remains.


Today is Wednesday and that means another Floso workshop from 7p.m. Last week I said the theme might have been how to open a can of beans just using your eyes, but I might have been fibbing. That tends to happen every now and again. Instead it’s far more likely you’ll be treated to some knowledge about how to get down with Ableton Live Rack and the E-Mu SP1200 which might be used to travel to the fifth dimension to nick Peter Weller’s rocket car (he just left it for a minute, the keys were in it*)...or it might just be an emulation of a totally sweet sampler. You’ll have to come and find out I guess.


Tomorrow is Thursday and it’s going to be the best goddamn day of your week as it’s the release show for another tape from dark sorcerers at Nasty Wizard Recordings. Following up from the killer Asia shoe gaze comp that dropped last weekthe magnetic mages present a split between bass maniacs Lopez + Petit and Beijing’s very own drone warlocks, Liberate Haze (gogoj and Doctor Xin). Support comes from iimmune's new project Vast Vacant Vacation and an ambient Noise Arcade, all that from 9pm at fRUTYSPACE with a tape included with the door ticket. If you scroll down to end of this article you’ll find an interview Noise Arcade did with gogoj and you can dig the whole release on NWR Bandcamp:


Friday, the start of a long weekend, that will probably mean you’ll have a shorter weekend next week. Love those. A little bird told me it’s “booze night” at School Bar. I’m a little confused about that as I thought every night was booze night at School, kind of like how every night is the worst night in the history of everything at EA Bar. Anyway Blackwater and The Guzzlers will be getting drunk from 9p.m. A few hutongs over Struggle Session, Andingmentals, Own Up, and Return The Truth will be at Hot Cat — providing there is still a door so you can actually access the place — from 9p.m. Maybe you could just crawl down the toilet from the Yunnan restaurant upstairs, kind of like a ride at waterpark that encourages you to kill yourself. At Dada Conrank and Zean will be sharing techniques on how to make the perfect poached egg from 11p.m, and a little ways over at Rec Room Raddam Ras and Solgi will instructing everyone on how to season couscous with pure hedonism from 10p.m.


Saturday, I’d strongly recommend you check out the Prajnasonic gig at fRUITYSPACE featuring JFI, Fencha, iimmune, and Yue Xuan from 9p.m for some beats, drones, and large doses of loathing and social awkwardness that make Saturday nights in Beijing so much fun. Around the corner at DDC things will get be getting all psych folky with The Paramecia and The Harridans from 9p.m. At Rec Room Punx will be getting gnarly with Trasher from 10p.m. I’m talking 540-lien-to-crooked-grind-on-Lady-Gaga’s tits gnarly. Over at Dada Summer of Haze and Saburov will be banging on about that one time at band camp from 10p.m, and upstairs Star Cardigan, Pacalolo, and ANXT will be bringing the electro rock at Temple from 10p.m. And yes, I’m curious as to when Star Cardigan are going to just move to Beijing and save themselves the price of the plane tickets already.


Sunday; Acupuncture Records/ Lantern’s signature fest Intro returns, this year at at Grand Epoch City including UVB, Zadig, Shao, Mickey Zhang, Weng Weng, Puzzy Stack, Asian Eyez, DJ PAYPAL (the bass stage seems to have all the artists will hilarious names for some reason) and more all from 2p.m. It’s also day one of Ying Yang music fest, going down on the Great Wall near Tianjin over three days with a host of artists including Worakls, The Shanghai Restoration Project, Savaggio and more. fRUITYSPACE presents an manatee matinee show with Run Run Run and Boiled Hippo from 4p.m. Later Star Cardigan do one at DDC from 10p.m, MC Ubec and KayTV rock Dada from 10p.m, and School puts on a punk show featuring Labor Glory, Plateau Band, Free Sex Shop and more from 9p.m.


Next week: Monday SaVor Latino do their residency thang at Modernista, kicking off from 10p.m. Tuesday, jazzy jammage in your face at Jianghu from 9p.m. Wednesday, the Floso workshop, teaching you how to make a car that can travel through time.


I’ll now hand you over to the capable hands of Angry Mike. Adios amigos


*In case you were wondering that was a Hugh Reed reference

(This interview with gogoj with done by Michael Cupoli and was originally posted on and the Livebeijingmusic Wechat account)


Shengjie aka gogoj is an experimental musician and visual artist from Beijing. Her musical performances can be quite varied. The instrumentation and settings that she performs in seem to change every show. It can range from her playing violin or cello with others to electronic music with her own visuals accompanying it. Liberate Haze is a project that gogoj has with Ding Xin and is going to be released as a tape split with Lopez+Petit on Nasty Wizard Recordings. In this project, she plays cello which is run through a series of effects and Ding Xin produces modular drones. The tape will be released on May 25th at fRUITYSPACE. 


What is your background in music?  What instruments do you play and when did you start learning how to play them?


gogoj: I had a western classic music background from my whole family. What I  mean is my grandfather is a violin performer and my grandma is a singer. Also, my dad and uncles are violinists too. Since I was seven years old, I started learning how to play violin and piano.


I’m guessing you must’ve have been trained, either on violin or cello, as a musician early on. When did you start making your own music?

gogoj: Actually, I had a lot of training on violin but not cello. I never learned to play cello. Now I am using the cello like an instrument which can make the sounds I need.When I was doing my studies at art school in France, I began to make my own music. That was seventeen years ago.


From my understanding, you spent some abroad. Where did you go and when was that? What did you do while there?


gogoj: 2008, 2012, 2015, I had some gigs and exhibitions in Germany.

2009 Exhibition in UK. 2010 resident program doing workshops, gigs, and exhibitions in japan.


In addition to being a musician, you make your own visuals too. What is your background with the visual arts? How did you start combining the audio and visuals aspects together?


gogoj: I started studying music when I was seven years old, and when I was fifteen years old I began studying painting. Later in France I had studied sound art and video art; also installations and performances. Finally I could combine sound and image to make them as the main expression media for my work. It's very involved with my whole educational background.


Besides making visuals with your music, do you make or are you involved with other types of art? 


gogoj: Yes, I also do installations and performance art because for me, listening and watching are two basic sensory functions for receiving and sending messages daily. So I try to use different media for doing research about that entrance and exit.


What is Liberate Haze? How did the project come about?


gogoj: Liberate Haze was the name of a cannabis I got in Amsterdam two years ago. It was about auditory sense amplification experience. I told Ding Xin i want to do a long track without any cuts, playing with ours auditory sense only, no thinking, no regular practice, and no head. We should record one by one to have many tracks and choose one. Liberate Haze is totally free playing technique and structure … It gives us enough time to focus on one basic sense of the body like a slow fucked up human being. So next time we play as liberate haze it will be different.


What are music projects are you involved with?


gogoj: Recently, I’m preparing my own album with cello only. It is going quite slow but i hope i can finish it this year.And the other thing is a ten minute track for female electronic music collection in Shanghai. sound is weird i know. In 2011, I had a project named "gigonline”. That was musicians playing music with earphones and no sound in the show room, cause all sound would be live streamed on the internet in realtime. People could watch the gig online and chat about it at the same time with out being limited by the space and no trouble from the neighborhood. However, this project was finished because of internet control. How pitiful. Then some other projects.