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Nekroma Cometh

Hi Beijing. How are you? I’m in bed with a cold, thanks for asking. Yay for medicine and boring food. Anyway, I’ve got some good old nepotism to dish out so I’m going to get it out of the way as soon as possible to make myself feel like less of a self-important dick: this week is the release of the Nekroma EP, a project that started out as a collaboration between GUIGUISUISUI and Nakoma but eventually morphed into it’s own thing. Blending dark ambient, doom and avante garde metal, it’s a trip not quite like any other. You can watch the ghoulishly delightful music video we made for Carnival Urge here: and listen to the whole EP plus three banging remixes on Bandcamp: EP release is on Friday, more about that in a second.


Today is Wednesday and this evening I’m going to be in bed chugging a thick black medicine that reminds me of the black goo in Prometheus in the hope that I will mutate into some giant tentacle thing / be able to sing on Friday. Meanwhile you can be at School Bar for Arrested Denial all the way from Germany with the Sino Hearts from 9p.m until punk rock o’clock. Alas no Floso workshop today as head honcho Shen is away fighting crime.


Thursday: erm, sadness? The Lush Open Mic? I think that’s sadness defined really, isn’t it? Hang on, I’ll find something...OK, ‘fresh meat’ at Dada: Hotwill, OOPS2, PUZZY STACK, and STYX. Should be a riot from 10p.m till waaaaaaay too late.


Friday, breath a sigh of relief, the last wisp of self serving nepotism is almost over:

Nekroma EP release at DDC with support from the brilliant December 3am and the 8-bit beats of 4 Channels Club. Expect a multimedia spectacular with a CD included with the door ticket from 9p.m. Over at School Me Guan Me, FangMianEr, Self Portrait, and The Lake will acting out scenes from their favourite kung fu films from 9p.m. And thank goodness the Beijing Beatles will be at Salud inviting you to come together for the show and get out of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club and into a giant lake of lava from 9p.m.


Saturday: hangovers, regrets, wondering where your house keys are at. Later there is a shindig by the name of Beijing Underground Sweet summer Music Days at DDC featuring The Peppercorns, Brickleberry, Djang San + Band, Stone Ahonen Han, "Blasphemy!" yelled Bullwinkle, Roan & Dashu from 5p.m. Whoa, that’s some bang for your buck. Bang for your buck toothed sister? Bang your buck toothed sister? You get the point. Meanwhile White +, The Dice, and The Peppercorns (spreading themselves tonight I see) at School from 9p.m. Casino Demon will be at Morgansky Lab rocking and rolling in the most rock and rolling rocking manner possible. Perhaps with some D&D poetry thrown in for good measure. 9p.m start. Rock. And Eva, Oshi, Nigls, and Weng Weng will be at Lantern from 11p.m till late shouting “techno, techno, techno” through the night.


Sunday, more hangovers, more regrets, wondering where your house keys, phone, and wallet are at. Once you get your life together you can witness the spectacle that is Heavy Duty at Morgansky Lab. Since 2013 they have been known for their totally metal attitude which includes wearing nothing but medieval suits of armour all the time and etching their shopping lists onto copper plates because “paper is for pussies”. All that from 8p.m. At DDC Horse Feather, C60, D.Cortisol, and Joker’s Belief will be dancing to the barks of a sexually frustrated dog from 9p.m, and around the corner it’s finger painting time at fRUITYSPACE from 8p.m.


Next Monday: Savor Latino at Mordernista to celebrate life and sinful desires from 10p.m until late. Tuesday, the Edward Latin Jazz Quartet at DDC from 9p.m; Bo Xuan and Gene deejaying at Yue Space from 9p.m; and the Jianghu Jazz Jam from 9p.m until we all pay for our mortal sins. Finally, next Wednesday the Liu Yue Trio jazzing in your eye balls at DDC and hopefully the return of the Floso workshop for all the electronic music nerds out there.


Cheers Beijing, see you Friday.