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Similar delicacies in CQ and other cities of China, you prefer?

China’s food culture has a long history. Various delicacies with strong local features have attracted numerous foodies.

Chongqing delicacies are known for their pungent and spicy flavor. Let’s explore the charm of local food by comparing them to specialties in other cities of China.

Beijing vs Chongqing

Being in palaces or along streets, various delicacies in Beijing have endowed the city with a unique charm, and instant-boiled mutton(涮羊肉) is a typical representative.

Boiled in a copper pot on a charcoal fire, the mutton must be of high quality. Clear soup is generally adopted to boil the mutton to maintain its taste to the largest extent. Instant-boiled mutton is popular in winter. 

In this essay, let's compare instant-boiled mutton with the symbol of Chongqing: hotpot.

You may go for hotpot at any time, in any season and in any mood. You may have hotpot with your friends or alone…

 With the spicy and strong flavor of the beef tallow and various drinks, Chongqing hotpot can always provide you with an excellent experience.

Guangdong VS Chongqing

With the shape of chitterlings(豬腸), the Steamed Vermicelli Roll(腸粉) in Guangdong is actually made from rice. It is the most common breakfast in Guangdong, thus the supply always falls short of the demand. You may have to line up before you may try it.

 With the clear and cute appearance, the Steamed Vermicelli Roll tastes delicious, fine and smooth. 

In Chongqing, there is another famous delicacy made from rice to compete with it – Hot and Sour Rice Noodles(酸辣粉). 

You may find Hot and Sour Rice Noodles everywhere in Chongqing – it is popular along streets, in malls and at scenic spots. With a thick layer of delicious minced meat on the top and some hot capsicol, it can deliver a sour, hot and attractive flavor after you blend the meat with rice noodles!

Anhui VS Chongqing

With an unpleasant smell but fantastic taste, the representative delicacy in Anhui Province - Smelly Mandarin Fish(臭鱖魚) is a traditional famous dish of Han Ethnicity.

It is complicated to cook smelly mandarin fish – the fish will throw off an unpleasant smell after being cured for several days, and this is the highlight of this dish. The more you eat it, the more addicted you will be! 

In this essay, it will compete with a classic Sichuan cuisine – Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil(水煮魚).

 Originating in Yubei District, Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil owns a history of just over 10 years. However, it has attracted numerous gourmets with its pungent, spicy, fresh, delicious and tender taste. Compared to Smelly Mandarin Fish, Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil is tenderer – sometimes it is even hard to pick up a complete fillet! With the help of scalding oil, the flavor of chilies and peppers on the surface will be conveyed to the fish.

Hu'nan VS Chongqing

Changsha Fermented Bean Curd(長沙臭豆腐) is another representative Chinese delicacy.

As a traditional famous delicacy of Han Ethnicity in Changsha City, Hu'nan Province, it is tender, fresh and spicy with crispy crust though its appearance may be unpleasant.

In Chongqing, Bean Curd Jelly(豆腐腦) is also a popular snack along streets.

Bean Curd Jelly is the childhood memory of many Chongqing folks. We liked to buy Bean Curd Jelly with some friends after school and go home eating it. There are two flavors to be selected: sweet and salty, but Chongqing people prefer salty, sour and spicy flavor. After blending the bean curd with the seasonings, you may enjoy yourself in the pungent, spicy and tasty delicacy.

Gansu VS Chongqing

Praised as one of the “Top 10 Noodles in China”, Lanzhou Pulled Noodles(蘭州拉麵) is also a popular delicacy in Gansu.

 Focusing on the quality of noodles and meat, Lanzhou Pulled Noodles has a complicated cooking procedure. Excellent skill in pulling noodles is necessary to ensure its taste.

In this essay, it is compared with Chongqing Small Noodles(重慶小面).

It is said that Chongqing people start a day with a bowl of Small Noodles. It has various forms and tastes in Chongqing. Unlike traditional noodles in Northern China, fresh alkaline noodles are preferred to cook Small Noodles. Different toppings may deliver different flavors, while seasoning is its essence – it may give the value of Small Noodles into full play.

In fact, there is no winner or loser in such competition, and what only matters is your taste. So, which delicacy do you prefer? 


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