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CQ's summer resorts, ready to bringing a cool summer for you

As days in summer are coming, we offers several summer resorts in Chongqing which are worth a visit. On the weekend or free time, you can take a trip with your friends or relatives, enjoying some cool weather and temporarily forgetting the sweltering heat of Chongqing.

Recommendation 1: Xiannv Mountain


The well-known "Moon Palace in heaven, summer resort in world" -- Xiannv Mountain in Wulong, boasts a comfortable temperature in summer, more than ten degrees centigrade lower than central downtown of Chongqing. This has has won it a reputation of "Summer Palace of Mountain City". In addition to the "Four Uniques", immense forest, rugged peak, grassland, and snowfield, there are many other landscapes like Three Natural Bridges, Furong Karst Cave as well as Longshuixia Fissure Gorge. All of these present a unique Chongqing summer in cool atmosphere.

Transportation: Longtousi tourist center has opened Xiannv Mountain Tourism Dedicated line. Tourists will go on the trip from Longtousi Tourist Center to Xiannv Mountain of Wulong at 8 am, 9 am, 11:30 am, and return at 9:30 am, 14:30 pm, 18:00 pm with one-way bus ticket of 83 yuan per adult and 42 yuan per child.


Recommendation 2: Black Valley


Dense forests in the high mountain contributes to a forest coverage rate of 97%. Compared to other parts at the same latitude, undamaged natural ecosystems of subtropical and temperate zone are preserved well in Black Valley. It was honored with the title of "Biological Gene Pool of Chongqing and Guizhou" by experts. It's a famous aero-anion spot with picturesque scenery where you will feel very relaxed after walking around.

Transportation: 1. Tourists from downtown can take the long-distance bus from Chenjiaping or Nanping Long-distance Bus Station to Wansheng with a 38-yuan ticket, about 90 minutes.
2. After arriving at Wansheng Long-distance Bus Station, you can take the No.106 Bus near Wandongnan Road to Bajiao Tourist Center of Black Valley for about 4.5 yuan, 30-minutes drive.

交通: 1、重慶主城區可以在陳家坪或者南坪長途汽車站乘坐到萬盛城區的長途大巴,車費38元,車程大約90分鐘。

Recommendation 3: Huangshui National Forest Park


As the youngest, largest and the only minority scenic spot among five national forest parks in Chongqing, Huangshui is a desirable destination for taking summer vacation with an integration of forest recreation, heat prevention, tourism and Tujia folk custom appreciation.

Transportation: Chongqingbei Railway Station - Shizhu County with six shuttles, 1.4-hour-drive. Regular train takes about 2.2 hours. After arriving in Shizhu, transfer the bus to Tourism Village of Huangshui.


Recommendation 4: Simian Mountain


The temperature in Simian Mountain will not exceed 20 degrees centigrade even in the hottest days of Chongqing, which attracts many elders living for a long time in Agri-tainments houses. If you can't stand the sweltering days, then Simian Mountain is the best choice to enjoy cool!

Transportation: Coach from Chenjiaping Long-distance Bus Station to Jiangjin Station, then transfer to Simian Mountain.


Recommendation 5: Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea


The beautiful Tea Mountain and Bamboo See national forest park, being called "The First Secluded Mountain" in the world, owns large areas of tea plantation — more than 20 thousand mu — and bamboo forests of more than 50 thousand mu. These combine to form the precious scene "symbiosis of bamboo and tea" in China. With a high forest coverage rate of 97% and negative oxygen anion per cubic centimeter as high as 20,000, this deserves to be called a "Natural Oxygen Bar".

Transportation: Take the high-speed railway to Yongchuan, then transfer to Tea Mountain and Bamboo See by bus


Recommendation 6: Jinfo Mountain


Owning to its biological diversity and particular karst landform, Jinfo Mountain is listed in The World Natural Heritage. With the peculiar natural landscape, various kinds of rare animals and plants, majestic rock style, enigmatic underground palaces, unpredictable meteorological scenery and famous ancient temple heritage, Jinfo Mountain was awarded one of the "Four Famous Mountains in southwestern China" along with Emei, Qingcheng and Jinyun Mountains.

Transportation: Nanping Long-distance Bus Station -- Nanchuan, about 1.5-hour-drive; Nanchuan -- Jinfo Mountain, about 1.5-hour-drive. 

交通;南坪長途汽車站—南川,車程約1.5小時; 南川—金佛山,車程約1.5小時


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