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Mud Carnival opens in Tiankeng Village, Wulong

The sweltering summer is coming. According to Wulong Tiankeng Village scenic spot, the Mud Carnival will be held soon and visitors are invited to play with “the essence of Earth”. 

As the shooting location of the second season of Dad, where are we going?(爸爸去哪兒第二季), Tiankeng village in Wulong boasts of intangible cultural heritage performances of Tujia and Miao nationalities as well as the aboriginals still sticking to traditional living style and arranging their work and rest according to the pattern of sun. You can have fun here!

This upcoming Mud Carnival boasts of many shining points, such as playing in mud, appreciation of intangible cultural heritage, and experiencing the traditional agriculture life style.

Based on the procedure of “mud football” in Dad, where are we going?, the procedure of completion and interaction in mud adds some other activities in mud, offering you a chance to play with “the essence of Earth”. 

As Tiankeng village boasts of several intangible cultural heritage programs, they have exploited this specialty, offering visitors some opportunities to experience these programs. Interactive activities include singing folk songs to each other, learning the Miao language, engaging in bamboo dance, and experiencing traditional wedding customs of the Tujia nationality. Visitors can have a better understanding of the charm of intangible cultural heritage. 

In the Zhongshiyuan Tiankeng village, which is famed as “the heart of Earth”, there are indigenous people with their local special houses and traditional lifestyles. Visitors can have a close observation of traditional agriculture styles and engage in some interactive activities such as oil manufacturing and rice milling. It is an opportunity for visitors to travel back to old days and enjoy the charm of traditional agriculture. 

Tips for Tiankeng village

Scenic spot Address: Zhongshiyuanzi (near the Theater of Wulong Image, Xiannvshan town, Wulong district, Chongqing



Scenic spot hotline: 4006-810-666


Self driving: urban area of Chongqing—Baotou-Maoming Expressway(G65)—take off at the station of Wulonghutong—follow the road signs and arrive at Xiannvshan Visitor Center—take the shuttle bus to the destination. The trip is about three hours.



Coach: Chongqing Nanshan Sigongli Bus Terminal—Wulong Bus Terminal—Xiannvshan Visitor Center—take the shuttle bus to the destination. It can take about three and a half hours.



Train: Chongqingbei Railway Station—Wulong Train Station--—take the shuttle bus and arrive at the destination. It can take about three and a half hours. 



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