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Use Right The Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon brings an enormous amount of energy and therefore it’s better for you to stay calm. Otherwise, it won’t have a positive effect on you.

Everything that happens in your body, mind and spirit willbe enhanced during the full moon. If you are a little mad, you will get evenmadder. If you are happy, you will be happier. This energy is very strong andyou need to give it the right directions.

1. Avoid any arguments

Do not get into arguments or quarrel, also don’t get angry. If you get angry during the full Moon, it will cause severe harm to your body and the whole system.

It is a time to be quiet, to find your peace, to let go of somethings. You can read a good book, listen to a soothie music or doing a breathing exercise. Try to find a balance between you and an inner you, abandon all the past, choose to forgive and forget.

2. Keep Positive Thinking 

Keep positive thinking during the full moon period which brings you positive energy, You can imagine the energy of full moon as an infinite battery, so when you think positively, you will also attract the same frequency energy and absorb positive energy from the full moon.

Just do not overdo anything, because during this period , everything is amplified, and your positive thoughts can multiply to the point that you lose a realistic view of everything around you.

3. Let your imagination run wild

If you are an artists or creative person, congrats! Theperiod of the full moon is the perfect time for brain storming and imaginingwildly. At the same time, it is a good timing for setting some goals or make some schedules, feel free to write down your plans and it will help you realize faster because of the energy brought by the full moon.

4. Meditate

The period of the full moon is good for meditation whichhelps to relieve your negative energy and connect your higher self.  You can use guided mediation, or breathin&out methods or imaginative mediation. If you are a beginner, I advise that you can join some groups to increase your frequency during the meditation.

2017 Full Moon Schedule 

6/9        21:08

7/9        12:05

8/8         02:10

9/6         15:02

10/6         2:40

11/4        13:23

12/3         23:46

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