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Greentown Yuhua International Culture Festival Opens on Nov.8th

The 1st Greentown Yuhua Education Group International Culture Festival, which is also the 12th of GreentownYuhua School, opens today in the main campus gymnasium.

With the jubilant sounds of the waist drum performed by the primary school students and in the aflutter atmosphere created by the highschool students’ honor guards with flags, the prologue of the four-dayinternational culture festival opens. More than 200 foreign teachers and students from 14 different countries and regions, together with the distinguished guests from domestic educational bureaus and institutions, have participatedin the opening ceremony and enjoyed the lively performers accomplished by different campus, from kindergarten to senior high school.

The festival theme, Renzhe Ji Yuan reflects the pursuit of dreams set by the Greentown Yuhua educationgroup, meaning kind people will show differentiated love to others,and it is also the extension of the group motto, Benevolence and truthseeking.

The festival integrates cultural resource of the group,providing a great cooperation platform in the area of education for all theparticipants, and it gives teachers and students a great chance to experience different cultures, having a more internarial outlook and broader understanding. Meanwhile,as all the performancesand activities are created, directed and implemented by teachers and studentsthemselves, it enhances their team spirit and organization ability, and also cultivatestheir interests.

In the following days, a variety of cultural affairs will be introduced to the public, including global tour, choir competition, best chef competition, sportsmeeting, football tournament etc., Over 15 major events will be held during thefestival. Hope all of you to join us.