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A World of Love

Dear March 31st to everyone. With April Fool's Day tomorrow, and Niki's birthday around the corner, I did not write a story this week...instead it is a poem, yes a poem. You may want to close out on your we chat phone icon and get the hell out of here now. This one is hopeful, about love, about the future and that is all we can ask for in our day to day lives. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in a world of love...until love gets too annoying and we need our space...but until those moments, it's a lovely thought don't you think? 

 -Sincerely, James

A World of Love


I suppose some life is lived by happiness


its escapades, sweetness savored till it becomes






All constants lying down when tired

Rest and its escapades, the fighting pleasure

of your own space, …a world of love

And what of this world of love?

Supposed spiritual supreme?

Living alive as spirit

Living alive like a nonexistent sweetie-pie

Living amongst animals of greed & power

Living as we all could, we might rise up and

Live a world of life

Living only invigorates

Living is now

Living with people destroys, only to build again

and look at that,

That free minute of time that is so necessary



So predicting, trying to change solutions that

don’t make sense, when a sense is a guess

like everything else

Living is guessing, knowing its ego

Living to die

Living we do everyday & night

Living as a world of love

Repeating lines and lines, all different, all made

from new

As a world of once replicated

the world of now somehow sparkles with its growth,

Lessons, lessons beginning with toughness, ending in life

Sounds uncontrolled,

Our veils revealed

Our insecurities driven into the ground over

and over and over

Forever ever will be rowing itself along

the water

Our minds deplete & grow faster then we know

Our water is contaminated

Our schools have become (and still are) humorous,

Un-noteworthy of the notes we took, the ones

they forced to make…

And now it has disappeared,

passed away with its pleasure, knowing we can smile

We will stay forbidden to new discoveries

We will seek glory like thee insane, crazy filled minds, lost minds

and that can happen

This unknown feeling of love responds like a sewn jacket

Seasons felt un-too-common, yet simple in

their surprises, awareness is a sonofabitch,

It must be this, feeling when doing, responses attached

to nothing, not even appropriate glances,

In this world of love time is for lovers

Work is for, should be for everyone, no exceptions

Even broken hearts should happen to something, and I am something

to be open,

Even redemption comes around (and there is nothing sweeter)

Even a romance

Even love, even hate,

Yes hate, it is there unhidden

Chances are treasured no?

Their reward: Sacrifice noticed

You yourself noticed, this known

What is known so that I can remember?

Does not grace know my name?



Come forth, I await those appropriate glances against my will till cozy

Time loses its gloss when the fun of the game walks out the door

Do we seek in desperation?

Soon unraveling our life’s lost

Tomorrow, the end of May,

Circling around ourselves till our feet retire, followed by the next adventure

The catalyst for news

The humming of eyes, it truly must see our reflections

In a world of love I remember your eyes everyday,

You I do not understand

You I once lived honestly through you, once

Your passion no longer my flag

I turned a soft pardon keeping towards my guess,

my unknown chance with youth dividing

Hunger only natural…

Waking up a pattern of no limits, climbing a mountain or

painting a picture

Equality is only a word, a thought of serenity

Golden foolery, laughter mixed with skin

Candles un-lied to

Tables & chairs well used & admired

…Fine beauty is just that, …fine

a detailed pedal or rock filled creek

a kind remembrance of home

a difficult practice

a religion for yourself

a period of living in a world of love


Looking forward to hearing comments

and stories about any and all of this.

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