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Being contented

Being contented

When people are contented with what they have and how things do happened. This satisfaction may stop people from being better, there are three main reason people can’t dobetter when they are contented: People do not want to change, People are afraid to change, and people are afraid of failure.

People don’t want to change. They don't have force to change, they believe what they have now is the best they can do. Even they catch the signal for what they should do, they believe anything won’t be better, but revolution could easily destroy them. Some of them also stopped by their own Hubris. For example, Eastman Kodak Company which invented roll film. It was once one of the biggest companies in the world, it once created The highest number of camera selling in the world, no one have reach that point again even today. They invent the first digital camera in 1975. But because they think these businesses can crush their profit on roll film. So they didn’t put this camera out. After that when their roll film business start raises less and lessmoney. It’s too late for them to put out their digital camera. So they finally lost market. In a place everyone are being better, there are no reason why youdon’t improve. But in another place when nobody is improving, it is not that much pressure for you to improve.

When the day Nokia was brought by Microsoft,the leader of whole company says he doesn’t understand why they lose, He told everyone they stay there and just lose. This shows they never prepare and too lazy to prepare for new market, they fear to change their Structure fast enough. It is really hard to change if you stay the same for a long time. Scare to change is a really bad thing. This stops you from really think about change. People can’tsee obvious problemso they can’t make any preparation. Nokia was disappearing just like that.

Sometimes People who are contented are afraid of failure, they only keep what they have now. Never do anything have risk. They watch and guard what they have now, never think about better or useit to do something useful. In the book, “Who Moved My Cheese”, “Haw” and “Hew”decide to stay. What they think is whether die in the maze, or save energy and wait for the cheese. They scare of can’t find cheese or starve in the maze.

After all,the contented people do not want to change, afraid to change, and afraid of failure are cause by people’s personality. We have to change ourselves before we can change the world, we give ourselves ambition, and we train ourselves with more and more knowledge. If we want to be a winner in the world, remember one simple sentence: To change on the right time is the only things that make you never change.