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Ten classic inspirational movie list

   Hello,dear friends, do you have a good weekend? today,we recommend a few good movies to you,The world become a little different with Sun City is our wish.

1, "The Shawshank Redemption"

   The actor's lineup this 1995 shooting of the film, are classic in every way, whether in the classic, compact plot, themes. With music, so get eight Oscar nominations

2, "Forrest Gump"

     American History in miniature. No need to dwell on the classic.
     "Life is like a box of chocolates ...... labor" classic lines.

3, "Braveheart"

    Epic film, theme deep dignified and do not break light, grand scenes, visual and music effects first-class, exquisite smooth

    Although the final outcome regrettable, but its tragic degree can infect all the audience.

    "Freedom!" Scream Mel Jeep forest before execution, has resounded in my ears.

4," A Beautiful Mind "

     Critics said the 2000 Oscar for best film gave a beautiful mind Instead of Lord of the rings that Oscar has not fallen.

5, "The Godfather"

    A family's survival in times of hardship, struggling in the face of adversity, in prosperity Bank of rebirth story. You can call the underworld movie "epic masterpiece." "The Godfather" series has three, including "The Godfather 2" has even been called "the world's most successful sequel." 
   Today, the "Godfather" starring Marlon Brando has died, but its classic image will forever.

6, "Schindler's List"

    A special environment, human trajectories, as well as its profound influence on thought-provoking topics. Light to which the human glance, master director Steven Spielberg's classic.


7, "Beautiful Life"

    During World War II, a Jewish family caught into the camp, his father in order not to lose his son hope of survival, weaving a beautiful promise, the ultimate sacrifice of their lives. Desperate survival attitude, moving!

8, "Dancer in the Dark"

8, "Dancer in the Dark"

    A traumatic movie, with deep penetration in general, the few classic musicals. Reality and the ideal, perseverance and faith, profound themes breathtaking.

9, "Legends of the Fall"

    The context of the western United States, without losing the warmth of a reality make. Friendship, love, affection height fusion sublimation.

10,"Slumdog Millionaire"

     A constancy of love; kind of money desires. On the return of friendship and affection for detached, in the film are represented the ultimate!

     Finally, the return of love, friendship and detached to make the film to get a satisfactory outcome!