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What exactly is the GIFTED Workshop?

"Everybody’s got a gift. Whether that is taking care of their kids at home or putting the same screw on the same iPhone, or if they’re disabled, maybe they bring joy to other people’s lives… Everybody’s got a gift. It’s how they apply it, how they use it. Life is just so beautiful!” - TJ 

TJ, a factory owner living in Shenzhen, decided to take the GIFTED Workshop after coming to the GIFTED Seminar. “What brought me to the workshop was, I guess, the way that you presented your company, like at the Health & Wellness Fair, when I met you, and the enthusiasm you had about your own company.”

The truth is, we love our company and we treat it like our baby, because in fact, it is! If you would like to see for yourself, join our upcoming GIFTED Seminar:

After finishing our workshop, we asked TJ a few insightful questions, so he could give you a better idea of what it's all about. Among them was "What was the most important thing you got from this weekend?" He said he was able to sit down and focus for two days, and come up with a plan to further develop himself and his business. He learned about task management, setting aside time every day, and the feedback he got from other trainees was really good; having other people giving him suggestions on how he could do things was what he wanted from the workshop." Listen to his short interview below:

Our last workshop before the summer holidays will be held the first week of July. Make sure to catch it or you may have to wait until September! For more information, please contact our partner and trainer Kwesi: