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Death Toll Mounts After Jiangsu Kindergarten Explosion

The northern Jiangsu city of Xuzhou was struck by tragedy Thursday afternoon when a large explosion occurred at Chuangxin kindergarten in the area’s Fengxian County.

State media are reporting that gas cylinders were the cause of the blast while there is mounting evidence that the act was deliberate. The timing of the explosion appears a little too convenient, taking place at 4.50 pm yesterday as children were existing the school to their waiting parents and grandparents. Local police have allegedly targeted a suspect.

In China, such crimes are relatively common as acts of revenge for disgruntled former employees and those with a grudge against society and the State as a whole.

This explosion comes exactly a week after a boiler exploded at the Kangda Mother and Child Center in Nanjing. Assuming foul play is ruled out, a common factor in the two blasts may be the high temperatures of summer.

In Xuzhou, the gas cylinder appears to have been located at a roadside food stall outside the school. At time of writing, the death toll from yesterday’s blast stood at eight, with 65 others injured.


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