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Surviving Your First Hair Cut in China


By Tatum Hawkins

My friends and family back home often ask, “What do you miss the most?” or, my favorite, “What can we send you?” I’m so thankful that a lot of the things I thought I’d miss – Skippy peanut butter, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Nutella  – can all be found here! It’s pretty amazing. 

But now that we’ve lived in Shanghai for several months, it turns out the things I miss the most are impossible to ship overseas:

  • Our backyard with wild blackberries that my kids could eat without having to worry about washing first.

  • A pool with a carefully controlled amount of chlorine (unlike here, where I recently learned there is no standard for a maximum limit). 

  • A BBQ to cook up some cheap and safe meat from Target.

  • A kids slide that I know for sure hasn't had any bare baby bums peeking through split pants slide down it before. Where that little bum has been and when it was last washed I don't even want to know. 

But the thing I miss the most? My hairdresser!

I scheduled my last cut and color back home for the day before we relocated. I didn’t want to waste a single day of good hair so I could make it last as long as possible in Shanghai. My husband thought I was crazy to leave the house when we had so much packing up and cleaning to do, but I knew better, this was of utmost importance. Ladies, am I right??

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