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Shenzhen 28th China Watch & Clock Fair

China Watch & Clock Fair (CWCF) is the largest timepiece and jewelry exhibition in Chinese mainland, and the third largest fair following after Basel World and Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair. CWCF, starting in 1988, has consecutively hosted 27 sessions of fairs, and is well known for its abundant and complete homological products, as well as professional and internationalized organization.

Since 2010, China Horologe Association and Shenzhen Watch Association has reached a consensus, to unite CWCF (Beijing) and CWCF (Shenzhen), thus building a platform of professional large timepiece exhibition and international fashionable watch transaction by fully integrating overseas resources. As one of the most important international meetings of horologe procurement, CWCF was honored as “the first watch fair of China” with wide product variety, professional, internationalized, branding and fashion-oriented organization. It is also the portal through which foreign watch brands enter Chinese market, the best platform for horological communication, negotiation and display, the window for international authorized bands, as well as the annual meeting and weathervane of China horologe industry.

CWCF (Shenzhen) has passed UFI Certification in 2004, becoming the only professional large watch fair recognized by UFI in Chinese horologe industry.

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“中國(深圳)國際鐘錶展覽會”簡稱“深圳鐘錶展”(CWCF),是中國內地最大規模的鐘錶珠寶類專業展會,於 1988 年創展,現已連續舉辦 26 屆,以鐘錶產品的豐富齊全、組織的專業化和國際化而著稱,是繼巴塞爾鐘錶展、香港鐘錶展之後的世界第三大鐘錶展會、中國最大的鐘錶類專業展會。


作為世界上最主要的鐘錶類產品的國際性採購盛會之一,以鐘錶產品的豐富齊全、組織的“專業化、國際 化、品牌化和摩登化” ,被同業譽為“中國鐘錶第一展”。是海外鐘錶品牌進入中國市場的門戶,是鐘錶業交流、洽談、展示的最好平臺和國際授權品牌展示的視窗,是中國鐘錶業的年度 盛會和風向標。

中國(深圳)國際鐘錶展覽會 2004 年透過了國際展盟 UFI 認證,成為中國鐘錶行業內迄今唯一被國際展盟接納的大型國際鐘錶專業展會。



展會名稱:第28屆 中國(深圳)國際鐘錶展覽會

展會時間: 2017年6月22-6月25日

展會地點: 深圳會展中心(地址:深圳市福田區福華三路)

參展企業: 500餘家品牌企業

展館位置: 1號館和9號館

觀眾資料: 預計50,000人

展會面積: 45000㎡

門票價格: 專業觀眾網上申請免費入場券、普通觀眾票價RMB50元/人次。


Event Date:  Thursday, June 22 -  Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pricing Info: Visitor online pre-registeration for free; 50RMB/Person at Door

Place Name: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

Place Address:  FuHua 3 Rd, Futian District,Shenzhen 深圳市福田中心區福華三路88號深圳會展中心

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