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Application of CSC Scholarship for Students

To all international students,


The international school of ShenyangJianzhu University has secured some seats in the Chinese Government scholarship program for the International students. This notification explains:


≫ The requirements set by the Chinese Government as standard to be eligible for this scholarship;

≫ The number of seats available for international students at SJZU

≫ The scholarship amount and timeframe of its disbursement

≫The application procedure (the school will help the eligible students process theirapplications).


≫Chinese Government Scholarship-Details/seats available/:


This is the Chinese Government Scholarship commonly referred to as CSC scholarship.


⇉⇉ The reward set for this scholarship is 18,000rmb.


⇉⇉ The scholarshipis for 2nd and 3rd year students.


⇉⇉It is a possibility that the 3rd year students are more likely to win the scholarship due to have spent longer time at academics and having more know how of the campus activities.


⇉⇉ The total available seats are "3".


Requirements set by the Government:


1. The student must have excellent unmatched academic record throughout the study period at the campus.


2. The student should be the most active on campus curricular or extracurricular activities and his input to the environment be exemplary.


3. The student must not have received any Chinese Government scholarship prior this one.


4. Only the self-paying students are eligible.


5. No punishments in the stay of the student at the university ( includes any kinds of warning letters; police issues;misbehavior of any kind; intentional damage to school owned materials; record of indulging in fights or going against the laws of People's Republic of China;and any other rules or guidelines set by the respective school are all included)


Procedure of application:


   The school will help the finally selected students to apply for the scholarship.But in order to arrive at the quality students at the campus, the students who believe they fit thementioned requirements are requested to send an email to this address:


  [email protected]


The email should contain:

1. Name

2. Student ID

3. Updated Transcript

4. Passport number

5. Personal statement-stating the achievements at the campus, both academic and social in nature.


And the E-mail will be automatically replied to you to confirm that your E-mail was received.


Finalized students will be guided through further procedure after the clearance of the documents of all those who apply.


Final dates of application:


The final date to apply for the scholarship with CSC is 20th of June, 2017.


Hence the students are requested to send the emails before "6PM Monday, 19th June," 2017. So that the school has sufficient time to go through the applications and guide the selected students through further application procedure.