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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part16

Here is a real incident. I met a person who was full of the knowledge of the Bible; but as he talked about the Bible, he was smoking. After talking about the book of Matthew and the ten virgins for half an hour, he said, “Excuse me, I have to smoke a little. I know this is wrong, but I am weak.” Then he went into the book of Revelation and talked about the ten horns, the seven heads, and the forty-two months. He had the strength to teach, but eventually he had to say, “Excuse me, I have to smoke a little more.” Though he was so strong in Bible teaching, he was very weak in the spiritual life.

I also saw many people speaking in tongues. After the demonstration, they were so careless in their daily living. Some were even more careless than unbelievers. It was so easy for them to lose their temper at home. All these things simply prove one thing, that God’s intention is not to give us teachings and gifts, but to give us Christ, the living One. He uses the teachings, when given in a proper way, to convey Christ to us; and sometimes He uses certain gifts as the means to minister Christ to us and stir up people to receive Christ. But we all must realize that God’s intention is that we may know the living One, the Triune God, and experience Christ in the Holy Spirit.