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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part13


Furthermore, we should not give attention only to the teachings. In order to help us, allow me to use a simple illustration. When I was a boy, I and many others studied in a Christian school and received Christian education. We were taught with the stories of the Bible. Although we were not saved, most of us were brought into Christianity and learned the doctrines. Many times we argued with people that Christianity was the right religion. The missionaries ministered all the doctrines and teachings to us. We learned that God is a God of three Persons—the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. We learned that Christ was born of a virgin and lived, walked, and worked on this earth; and we even believed that He was resurrected. But if you asked us, “Are you saved?” we did not know. To us God and Christ were only terms. I have to testify that by that time, hardly any of the several hundred members in that church were clear about salvation. They were known, however, as “Christians.” Sometimes all the members of the church paraded on the streets, holding up crosses and singing, “Onward Christian Soldiers.” I share this in order to illustrate how empty mere teachings are.