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Discovering Chongqing in Poland

The centre of Warsaw – Poland's capital under the night sky
Driving a touring car, the 2015 Yuxin'ou International Railway Touring Team -"The Xiaobao's"- Zeng Minping with his wife and daughter crossed the border of Belarus and entered Poland, the hometown of Chopin and Copernicus. On November 5th, they arrived at Bialystok, the largest city in the northeast of the county.
The group photo of two car owners and their respective children
Poland is the fifth country "The Xiaobao's" have visited during their journey. It was just after entering the country that the relations between Poland and China and Chongqing were presented to them like a slowly unfolding picture scroll. On the same day, the data released by Chongqing Customs showed that up to November 3rd, the number of trains running on "Yuxin'ou" had topped 200.
The railways in Poland
Bulb – a commodity made in China