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Monkey King causes havoc in Zhaomu Mountain

Two months ago, a monkey came to Yubei District's Zhaomu Mountain, damaging the vegetables grown by citizen Luo Yunkang and harassing his chickens and dogs.
The expressway maintenance storehouse where Luo works is located at the foot of Zhaomu Mountain. According to him, about two months ago, a monkey appeared in his courtyard. "It is an ordinary macaque that is not rare in a zoo," said Luo who had bought fruits, melon seeds and peanuts to feed the monkey for multiple times after that.
According to Luo, he has raised two dogs in the courtyard, both of which are tied with a dog chain. The monkey climbed on a tree, violently shook the trunk, and waited for the branches to fall to smash the dogs, and the dogs couldn't do anything about it.
In addition to teasing the chickens and dogs, the monkey also damaged the turnips and sweet potatoes grown by Luo. Therefore, he hopes the related department remove the monkey and find a place for it.