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Artworks by graduates from 9 art institutions on display

With such works as large frescos showing childhood memories and science fiction models and 2D animation showing thoughts on society on display, "The Start of A Long Journey – The 6th Exhibition of Outstanding Works by Graduates of 2015 from Key Art Institutions of Higher Education in China" kicked off at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute a few days ago. The outstanding works by graduates from nine key art institutions of higher education in China such as Central Academy of Fine Arts debuted at Luo Zhongli Art Museum.
In over 100 trays, there are fish bones in various colours, of which some are fish which have died from pollution, some are fish bones left by people eating fish, while some are fish fossils. This work called The Plan on "Generating Fish" tries to arouse people's awareness of protecting the ocean ecology. Under the warm sunshine, there are flowers blooming all over the hill with flocks and herds running. This large fresco with a length of 12m and a height of over 2m shows the the painter's childhood scene. It is also the largest piece of works at the entire exhibition.
It is reported that the exhibition is set to last till the end of the month with such art activities as "Print and Coding: International Print and Printing Design Invitation Exhibition" to be held during the period.