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Seven-metre ribbon "peacock angel" appears in CQ

The large ribbon exhibit "Peacock" created with thousands of ribbons went on display.
On the 21st, Japanese artist Baku Maeda exhibited his large ribbon device "Peacock" created with thousands of bright ribbons on Chongqing Times Square. The entire ribbon device has a height of about eight metres. On the device, the peacock with a length of about seven metres is standing on a ribbon Christmas tree. With its tail weaved from one thousand ribbons slightly swaying on the floor, it is very beautiful.
As a famous ribbon stylist from Japan, Baku Maeda released six types of women's evening dress designed with the inspiration from the peacock in China for the first time to share the beauty of ribbon weaving with Chongqing citizens.
It is reported Baku Maeda's ribbon art is comprised of folding a simple ribbon into various interesting shapes of small animals that are lifelike, vivid and beautiful. Baku Maeda uses his ingenuity and inspiration to integrate ordinary and simple things around us into a paradise of cute small animals.