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Day or night?

Turns out, there are a slew of benefits to both time slots!

Morning workouts have been shown to kick start your metabolism rising the body’s ability to burn fat when exercising in a “fasted state” (i.e. before breakfast), notes a study published in The Journal of Physiology.

Getting your heart pumping in the AM also improves sleep patterns allowing you to sleep deeper and without interruptions, and lowers blood pressure, according to research from Appalachian’s College of Health Sciences.

On top of it all,sometimes it’s easier to wake up, clip in, shower and go about your day withy our 50 minutes of strength already checked off of your to-do list!

However,afternoon and evening workouts have benefits, as well!

Evening workouts help weight loss more successfully among people looking to slim down. In addition, muscle strength and purpose has been shown to be higher in the evening, which could give your workout a little extra vigor as you drop it to the beat, According to a study from the Journal of Sports Medicine and PhysicalFitness,

Conclusion? Eithertime works! The best way to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape is to find the hour of the day that works for you — and stick to it.

Be Your Best!

With a healthy diet to fuel you and 50 minutes of sprints and hills at a time that works for you,you’ll get the right amount of strength, dedication and motivation on and off the bike!