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Chongqing gives gifts on World Toilet Day

The public toilet with lovely cartoon designs is loved by kids.
On November 19th, also the third World Toilet Day, what gifts did Chongqing give? According to the news from Chongqing Municipal Administration Commission, from 2013 to 2015, 421 public toilets have been built in Chongqing's main urban districts.
If you don't look at the logo, what do you think this tank-shaped building is used for?
The 67th United States General Assembly passed a resolution on July 24th, 2013 on setting November 19th as the "World Toilet Day". The World Toilet Organization pointed out that the aim of setting up the day was to promote the construction of safe drinking water and basic health facilities and advocate an environment where everyone can enjoy cleanliness, comfort and sanitation.
Does a computer-shaped public toilet light up your eyes?
The distorting mirror installed in a public toilet in Jiulongpo District has brought fun to citizens going to the toilet.
With wash basins such as these in a public toilet in Yubei District, there is always a height just for you.