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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part18

Oh, brothers and sisters, I do beg that you will try your best to understand I am not trying to criticize, but I am really sick with my burden. When I see the desperate situation of the Lord’s people, I do not know what to say, nor what to do. When the teachings are taught, people are so responsive. When the gifts are mentioned, many are stirred up. But when the inner life and the indwelling Christ are ministered, how great is the need for an inner revelation. The doctrines and the gifts are outward, but Christ is hidden within. Oh, how the Lord’s people need to know this indwelling One, who is so living and powerful—converting, regulating, strengthening, refreshing, and always transforming and saturating us.

We must also see that the building of the Church is not a matter of position or responsibility but a matter of life in the inner being. It is not a matter of putting someone into a position, but it is the growth to maturity of the inner life. The inner being must be wrought by God through His inward working. The more we put people into position, the more we will have nothing. But the more we help people to realize the growth of life, the more the life will multiply. The growth of the inner life is the sure way of building up the Church. Then through matured life we will be spontaneously qualified to exercise responsibility.