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What will one anxious fish do?

Recently, in a supermarket in Shapingba, a policeman was asking for information on the "flying fish" reported to have hurt people.
"My wife was bitten by a fish in a supermarket…" On the morning of the 25th, Mr. Wang living in Shapingba's Shuangbei had no idea but to call 110 for help.
After the policeman from Shapingba Public Security Sub-bureau arrived at the supermarket, he saw the fish that knocked Ms. Chen down. That kind of fish is called Qingbo fish. The water tank used to hold the fish by the supermarket is about 1.6m high and each such fish on sale weighs over 1kg. Moreover, that kind of fish is a very "active fish". It happened to be in the morning when the fishes are relatively alive when the accident happened. The case of such fish jumping out of a water tank is very common, but the case where a person is knocked almost senseless like Ms. Chen's is quite rare.
It is just this kind of fish that "flew" out from the fish tank and hurt the customer.
Under the mediation of the policeman, the supermarket finally sent Ms. Chen to a local hospital for examination, undertook all her medical expenses, and paid her 200 yuan for compensation.