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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part2

We have pointed out that the word “economy” in the Greek means administration,stewardship, government, arrangement, dispensation. The word dispensation is used without any thought of periods of time, but with the meaning of the dispensing of God into us. Again, we repeat, God’s intention is to dispense Himself into us. This plan is the center of His creation and redemption. God created and redeemed man for this purpose, that man might be the container into which He could dispense Himself. In the whole universe—time, space, and eternity—the center of God’s economy is to dispense Himself into humanity.
Eventually, the ultimate consummation of all God’s work of creation, redemption, and transformation is the universal mingling of God with man. Thus, the New Jerusalem comes into existence as the ultimate result of all God’s work as recorded in the sixty-six books of the Scriptures. This result is nothing other than the universal mingling of God with man. The New Jerusalem is a mingling of God Himself with a corporate body of people. At that time they will no longer be natural, but every part and every aspect will have been regenerated, transformed, and conformed by God and with God as life. They will have been transformed in nature and conformed in appearance to God Himself. If we are going to serve the Lord in a proper way, we need to have this vision. This vision is not new; it is the original vision from the beginning of the Church age. But it must be new and renewed day by day in us. It must be the controlling vision of all our work, life, and activity.