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[The Economy of God]-Chapter24-Part4

Next was the crucifixion. All the twelve negative items such as Satan, the fallen man, sin, the world, death, etc., have been brought to the cross and put to an end. All the negative things were terminated at the cross.

The resurrection followed the crucifixion. The resurrection recovered and uplifted the standard of humanity created by God and brought the human nature into God. By incarnation the divine nature was brought into man; by resurrection the human nature was brought into God. Now it is possible for man to have more than a created human nature, for his nature has been regenerated, uplifted, and brought into God. After the resurrection, Christ was exhibited to the whole universe as a “model.” In this model God is in man and man is in God. Since all the negative things have been dealt with and terminated by the cross, there is nothing negative in this model.