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NEV industry still has three major problems

Source: | Date: Nov. 27

  • According to one industry expert, although China's new-energy vehicle (NEV) industry has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to a slew of incentive policies from the government, the industry is still facing three major problems.

  • First, the construction of charging piles is lagging far behind the pace of NEV promotion and sales volume. He says this imbalance between fast growing NEV numbers and inadequate numbers of charging piles will dampen consumers' zeal for buying NEVs.

  • The second problem he has cited is China's weakness in research and development (R&D) of power cells and industrial layout. He points out that China doesn't have an adequate number of companies that are are capable of developing advanced power cells. In addition, China's power cell companies are lacking sufficient R&D strength and technological reserves to upgrade their power cell development. As a result, short supply of power cells has become a big obstacle to the advancement of the NEV industry.

  • Third, he argues that Chinese automakers still need to upgrade the technical level of their NEV car manufacturing, especially in terms of powertrain, reliability, and energy consumption.

  • Aware of these problems, the government has decided to take pertinent measures. These measures include - continuing to support the R&D of NEVs and power cells, stepping up safety supervision and quality control, speeding up the construction of charging stations and charging piles, building an open and well-regulated NEV market, and carrying out incentive policies to promote NEVs.