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China seeks to reform taxi services

Source: | Date: Nov. 29

  • China's Ministry of Transport (MOT) recently unveiled an exposure draft of a policy aimed at reforming the country's taxi services. Asked about their comments on online taxi hailing services, many people raised two issues - whether and how online taxi hailing services should be integrated into government supervision as well as criteria and access standards that govern taxi cars available for online hailing or reservation.

  • Of the 823 feedback comments on the question of whether online taxi hailing services should be put under government supervision, 497 support while 326 do not support. Of the 199 feedback opinions on how the online taxi hailing service should be managed, 148 are in favor of classified management that would separate online hailing cars from touring cars.

  • 29 of the 42 respondents say platforms that provide online taxi hailing services should take major responsibility as a service provider. Of the 846 responses to the nature of online taxi cars, 440 say they should be defined as cars that provide taxi passenger transport services, while 379 oppose this opinion. 27 respondents say it is necessary to create a new category called "online reserved taxi cars" to cope with the internet age.

  • Of the 205 responses to the question about criteria of drivers who answer to online taxi hailing calls, 126 say they should meet relevant requirements and obtain special licenses, while 66 say it is unnecessary to do so. Of the 97 opinions on the role of taxi cars, 81 say that they can be a supplement to public transport services, while 10 insist that they should be a part of public transport services.

  • Of the 205 comments on car sharing, 167 say they support it because they view it as an effective way to ease traffic jams, cut energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. However, 38 people say they disapprove it and insist that it should be banned because of possible disputes and safety hazards arising from unidentifiable information about both passengers and drivers. An official with the MOT has said that the ministry will continue to study the policy based on public feedbacks and make sure that the taxi services meet people's needs as far as possible.