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Tonight: Movie Screening of "Climate Puzzle"

Tonight at 7.30pm - 30RMB (includes a free drink)

Climate Puzzle (English, w/ Chinese subtitles) was produced and directed by German filmmaker Wolfgang Karg. Filmed during a period of two months on glaciers of Antarctica, the feature focuses on the European ice core drilling project EPICA.

For several years, researchers extracted ice cores from different locations in Antarctica to investigate climate changes in the Earth's past. With the Climate Summit COP 21 in Paris starting on November 30, public attention will once more focus on issues regarding climate change.

Some climate researchers have been criticized widely in the past years as alarmist. There have been scandals regarding "fiddled" data, the so-called "Climategate," and tons of denials of climate change can be found online. Climate Puzzle seeks to show the difficulties that researchers still face in times of Supercomputing and Big Data.

The panel discussion after the movie will be joined by Bin Hu reasearcher from Beijing University, Martina Hackelberg, climate expert at the German Embassy, and Sophie de Bentz Entzmann, attache for the Science and Technology department of the French Embassy.