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[AD] Check out Baoku China's grand opening

This is a promotional feature

Baoku China just had its grand opening in Shanghai on November 7. There were about 1,000 guests from various fields, including finance, real estate, culture, IT, art collection and media. The guests also visited Guanfu Treasury, the first third-party custodian located in the underground of the landmark building, the art center on the 37th floor, as well as the Guanfu Museum owned by Baoku China.


Guanfu Museum

Located on the 37th floor of Shanghai Tower (nearly 173 meters high), Guanfu Museum is the highest private museum in China, aiming at bringing cultural brands and the associated values to the Lujiazui financial area. With four permanent pavilions, including China Pavilion, East and West pavilion, Gold Ware Pavilion and Statue Pavilion and one temporary pavilion, the museum has more than 500 pieces of culture relic collections.



Baoku App

Baoku app, owned by Baoku China, was also released on the gran opening ceremony. As a social platform for art and culture in the ‘internet plus’ age, the app can meet the various communication demands of art lovers.



Baoku China makes the culture and art not just limited to the circle of certain group of people, but can reach a mass audience interested in art without any boundaries through Baoku app.


Guanfu Treasury

To maintain the operation of the museum, Guanfu Treasury located on the B5 layer of Shanghai Tower actually provides financial support for the two art and culture institutions mentioned above, and it is also the exclusive store house of art center and the museum. Guanfu Treasury owns 30,000 private vaults in total, which is largest scale in China. The support for the art centre and the museum from Guanfu Treasury helps maintain sustainable development of culture, which is the first time that the private institution provides the public culture service in the city landmark and public space.