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Post-80s couple takes their daughter to see the world

The travel journal made by Zhu Chunxie for his daughter
Recently, multiple media across the country have reported that a post-80s couple in Shanghai has sold their house and corporate shares and planned to take their daughter to travel around the world in five years from this August, causing an uproar on the internet.
On the morning of November 5th, the couple together with Xiaoen – their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter arrived in Chongqing, and left on the 6th to continue their journey around the world.
According to Zhu Chunxie – the father, he had been engaged in the early childhood education service industry. "Before this, I did not like to travel and was devoted to my work, thus neglecting the growing of my daughter. I suddenly realized that if I do not accompany her any more, she will be growing up. Therefore, I want to take my family to seek a new life." Zhu sold his house, property and corporate shares and persuaded his family to accept his idea.
According to Zhu, he has planned a one-year travel in China and a four-year travel abroad. "It is quite a huge expenditure. In addition to the money received from selling our house and shares, some businesses, friends and even strangers also have helped us complete the plan."