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IELTS Speaking Part 1 ,What was your high school like ?

IELTS Speaking Part 1:


1-What was the first school you attend?

Oh well , if my memory serves meright then it was called Chaoyang Kindergarten ,I am not sure if it is stillaround,it has been more than 2 decades and I believe everything has changed .

2-How old were you when you started school?

I was only 4 years old , I can not remember much ,yet Ido recall some happy memories with my little playmates at the kindergarten ,too bad that I totally forgot their names , I wish I could find out what theyhave become .

3-Where was it?

Downtown close to the biggest park inthe city , and it was a bit far from my neighborhood so my elder siblings would walk me there everyday ,and at times my father would send me there .

4-Tell me something about the school…

As I recall , it was not fancy school like what we have nowadays , there wasonly one teaching building and it had two floors with 8 classrooms on eachfloor , there was also small playground where we would run and have our morning exercise , it did not have any canteen or candy store ,we had 6 teachers and they were pretty warm .

5-Was it far from your home?

Oh yeah , it was a bit of a walk like 28 minutes , and by car is was 10 minutes ride , so I would walk when theweather was nice ,and sometimes I would take the school bus or go with my parents in their car , but honestly I have always enjoyed my long walk home after school with my elder brother .

6-Did you like it?

Well ,Back then I had a mixed feeling about everything , but now whenever it pops up on my mind , I know it has shaped somehow part of mycharacter ,there were days back then that I have enjoyed a lot and there wereof course some sucky days too .

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