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What is behind a simple smile?

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Carol Zurita

Motivational Speaker and Writer

Born in Ecuador and in love with China, Carol arrived in Shenzhen in May 2012. She has traveled around more than 10 countries and discovered that wherever we come from, we are always dragging out some inner battles. As well as, the same big need, to love and be loved unconditionally. She is begining a career in Motivational Speaking while guiding people to find more happiness in their lives. Next month we will be very fortunate to have Carol speaking in Shanghai! After that, Carol will be going on a speaking tour around South America.

What is behind a simple smile?

Day after day, we struggle with lack of money, success, popularity, time and most importantly, a couple.

Well, there are lots of pretty faces out there.

There are lots of apps to make us look prettier in a selfie.

There are lots of opportunities out there to give success and still we cannot find none of those.

Hundreds of people trying to find the secret to prosperity and abundance, spending tones of money in new clothes, new cars, new hairstyles, new faces and still it seems it is not enough.

After traveling, shopping and partying, how many of you still feel in a big need?

Girls and young guys are rented or sold to pretend to be a couple. And finding the soul mate turns harder and harder.

Well, there is no need of money, there is no need of time, and there is no need of much effort.

We need a simple smile, a real and authentic smile. How does is sound, huh?

Popular and successful people we see in advertisements on tv, magazines, newspaper and others are mostly just smiling.

I found 5 reasons myself why to smile:


Smiling helps others relax. People around you feel safe and they are more willing to speak freely.


Smiling makes people look more attractive and charming.


Smiling enables people to connect. You can see yourself eventually meeting new people and expanding your social circle.


Smiling creates better productivity in business. Working environments can be tough. If leaders were the first to smiles at employees, the environment would change and people would feel more confident, resulting in fewer failures and mistakes.


Smiling elevates your mood. Try to put on your favorite piece of clothing and go out there with a great smile. What does that feel like?

Charles Darwin suggested that our facial movements influences our feelings.

This statement is called Facial feedback hypothesis.

It means if you feel down or discourage, try to smile and hold it for more than a minute and I bet you will feel much better.

Build your confidence and popularity with a truly sweet smile.

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