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Guild halls in Chongqing

Guild halls used to be the liaison offices built by nonlocal businessmen in early years that managed local specialties. Now, in the city of Chongqing, some guild halls that still remain have become restaurants.
Ba (eight) Hui Guan (guild hall)
It has conjured the image of the guild hall culture and immigrant culture in the past with antiques of various ages integrating modern facilities seen everywhere in the hall.

Address: No. 2-6, No. 1, Bajiaoyuan, Dongshuimen Zhengjie (main street), Yuzhong District (near the side gate of Huguang Guild Hall)
Yu Tu Guild Hall
It is filled mostly with the owner's private collections.

Address: Palm Springs International Garden, No. 88, Jinkai Avenue, Yubei District (opposite to Tianlai Hotel)
Taoranju·Chongqing Guild Hall
Its dishes are very delicious with Taoran Boiled Chicken with Taro in Hotpot recommended. The Stir-Fried River Snail with Hot Chili and Taoran large buns are must-order specialties when eating there.

Address: LongFor Crystal Constellation, No. 162, Xinnan Road, Yubei District
Shaanxi Guild Hall
Its noodle soup, steamed bread in meat soup and steamed bread stuffed with minced meat all reflect the authentic Shaanxi flavour.

Address: Guoling Hotel, No. 5, Xinnan Road, Xinpaifang, Yubei District
Huguang Guild Hall·Ancient Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant
The Ancient Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant located inside Huguang Guild Hall has recreated the entire process of a Bashu (Sichuan) diet in ancient times with everything from the design of halls to the cooking of dishes returning to the track of history. Even the procedures and drinkers' wager games all are quite close to the pulse of previous dynasties.

Address: Inside the Ancient Culture Experience Area of Huguang Guild Hall, No. 4, Dongshuimen Zhengjie (main street), Yuzhong District (near Changbin Road)