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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part8


This is the right meaning of “the house of God” and “the pillar and ground of the truth.” This Church is the continuation and the multiplication of “God manifest in the flesh.” This is the reason why the Apostle Paul put these two verses together. The manifestation of God in the flesh has very much to do with the Church being the house of God and the pillar and ground of truth. When we are the living Body of Christ in a certain place, we are really the house of God and the pillar and ground of reality. We are then the increase, the enlargement, of the manifestation of God in the flesh. God manifests Himself again in the flesh, but in a wider way. The principle of the New Testament is the principle of the incarnation, which simply is: God Himself manifest in the flesh. In other words, God is mingled with human beings—not in an outward way, but in an inward way. The Church is the manifestation of God, not the manifestation of doctrines or gifts. The Church must have God in Christ through the Spirit manifested, not the doctrines or gifts demonstrated.