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English Corner 【Nov 22nd】- Freedom

Topic - Freedom
7:00 pm Sunday 周日晚7點
Heishijiao 黑石礁

Discussion Questions:

1. What's your definition for FREEDOM ?
2. Did you feel free when you moved out of your hometown away from your parents for college or work? Did you think you have freedom then? Do you think you have it now?
3. Do you think it's important to have freedom? Why? And would you like to have some?

4. How do you think a person can find freedom for real ?

P.S. Free Coffee for everybody!


Be prepared and make sure to invite some of your friends!

If you don't know the address, ask them on wechat: ryanpaul0524 / tiancichina / keelygirl

如果你不知道地址,可以在微信上面問他們:ryanpaul0524 / tiancichina / keelygirl

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