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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part11

Whether this is right or not, I would not like to say, but I do wish to say one thing: we must find out whether a real change has taken place within such a person. No doubt he has dropped all those former things, but this change is too outward. Formerly this person was ministering by himself, by his natural life. Now he has a change in the outward things, but is there any change in his inward life? It is quite probable that he is still working and ministering for the Lord by the same life he had when he used the title. Though he had a real change outwardly, yet inwardly he is still the same. Such a change as this simply becomes an outward movement. Formerly he practiced the “church” by voting and forming an executive committee; now he drops that and gathers a group of elders. Although this is a real change, nothing is changed in the inner life. The outward change is not the result of an inward change in life, so it becomes just another new, religious movement.