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[The Economy of God]-Chapter23-Part9


We are burdened because we fear many brothers and sisters unconsciously think that we are going to form a new movement or train people to form a new pattern for the church. This is our real concern. We must all look to the Lord that this kind of thought and understanding may be entirely abandoned. It must be one hundred percent out of our blood. We are not here with the intention of forming a new movement. No! A hundred times no! If we do, it simply proves that we do not know God’s economy. I must stress again and again that the Church is not something formed according to a certain pattern. The living God dwelling in us is not a matter of doctrine. According to their daily walk most Christians today do not know the way of inner life and Christ as their life. This really troubles us and burdens us. When people get a certain kind of realization or learn certain methods, they try to start something new where they live. This is not the Lord’s way.