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Islamic Creationist Adnan Oktar and his Kittens

By Shannon Plum

A series of three books called The Atlas ofCreation is penned by Adnan Oktar, under the name of Harun Yahya, and is the frameworkfor Islamic Creationism in Turkey.

Oktar argues that evolution does not exist, butrather, God created everything as it is now. The idea is that fossils from evenone million years ago are exactly the same and never changed.

Volume 1 was published back in 2006, with volume2 and 3 following in 2007. It has since been translated into 9 other languages,including English and Chinese.

The religion has attracted controversy aroundthe world, with many professors disagreeing entirely with what Oktar preaches.Kevin Padian, a world renowned evolutionary biologist is quoted as saying that after masses of individuals and schools worldwidereceived the books, they were “just astounded at its size and production valuesand equally astonished at what a load of crap it is."

Biologist PZ Myers wrote that, "the generalpattern of the book is repetitious and predictable: the book shows a picture ofa fossil and a photo of a living animal, and declares that they haven't changeda bit, therefore evolution is false. Over and over. It gets old fast, and it'susually wrong (they have changed!) and the photography, while lovely, isentirely stolen."

What is fascinating is that Oktar has his ownsatellite TV channel, called A9, which broadcasts what might be seen asreligious propaganda with the stars of the show being his 'kittens' -voluptuous women, usually with bleached blonde hair and plastic surgery, whorevel in Creationism as being their savior.

We all know sex sells, and Oktar seems to havecaught onto that quickly enough and run with it.

On his show, he frequently asks his kittens oftheir opinion of him. He seems to need the women to validate himself. He isquoted as saying (many a time), "do you love me?" A kitten is alwaysready with a flirtatious response of, "I love you so much, myMaster."

Oktar lets his kittens speak to the press, andit was reported in one Turkish newspaper that they say most of the kittens havegraduated from university and can speak more than one language. They seem to bewell-educated, intelligent women. Though when the topic of plastic surgery isbrought up, they all profess they are 'au naturale'. One of the kittens hasclaimed that the Prophet Mohammed actually like blondes more, and that wearingmakeup was one of His teachings.

A9 is a hit in Turkey, and provides a unique andinteresting perspective into another interpretation or form of Islam. Some saythat creationism is a cult, and others say that it is the best religion in theworld. What is clear is that the women feel loved and appreciated.

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