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Hymns,#86-Praise of the Lord -His Life

Praise of the Lord -His Life

Though Thou art God, most glorious, high,

Thou in the flesh to us came nigh,

A lowly man become thereby;

Lord, I remember Thee!

Glory divine was put away

Under the tent of flesh to stay,

No outward beauty to display;

Lord, I remember Thee!

Thou art a root from out dry ground,

Thou wast the Man of sorrows found,

Hated, despised by man around;

Lord, I remember Thee!

Gentle and lowly is Thy heart,

Willing to suffer all Thou art,

To God and man complaining not;

Lord, I remember Thee!

Thou as a man art tender, sweet,

Balanced in every way, complete,

Meal-offering to the Father meet;

Lord, I remember Thee!

Doing the Father's will Thy prize,

Never accepting Satan's lies,

None like Thyself, so faithful, wise;

Lord, I remember Thee!

For Thine obedience to God's will,

Willing to suffer deathly ill,

E'en on the Cross my place to fill,

Lord, I remember Thee!

8.Therefore hath God exalted Thee,

Given Thee glory, majesty,

Heaven and earth will bow the knee;

O Lord, I worship Thee!