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[The Economy of God]-Chapter22-Part6

In some places it seems that the church is not covered by Christ, but rather by some kind of doctrine. In other places the covering is a manifestation of certain kinds of gifts—gifts have become the roof. Groups of believers are either under the covering of teachings or under the covering of gifts—not under the covering of Christ. But the gifts and the teachings can never protect us. No gifts, no teachings, no doctrines are adequate to cover a group of believers. Only Christ must be uplifted, only Christ must be exalted, only Christ must be expressed as the roof to cover us.
If we read the measurements of the tabernacle, we will discover that the covering includes not only the roof but also the two sides. From the outside nothing can be seen but the covering. The sockets, the boards, and the contents within are not visible. This means that those outside must see only Christ as the covering of the church. When people come inside the tabernacle, they see nothing but the mingling of Christ with man. Outside it is nothing but Christ, and inside it is nothing but Christ wrought into and mingled with humanity. In other words, when I am outside looking at the church, I see only Christ, but when I come into the church and look at the people, I see the mingling of Christ with every person. This is the real church. From without people can see nothing but Christ, and from within they see nothing but Christ wrought into many persons.