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Bible Reading[Acts 27:1-44]

I Believe God That It Shall Be So, Even in the Way in

Which It Has Been Spoken to Me

Let's Pray:

Lord, we do not trust in what we do. We trust in Your presence, under Your anointing. We trust in Your Word, the living Word. We trust in Your Spirit, the all-inclusive Spirit.

Today's Verses : Acts 27:1-44
Key Verse:

Acts 27:25


Therefore, cheer up, men, for I believe God that it shall be so, even in the way in which it has been spoken to me.

and Footnotes:

The Lord kept the apostle in His ascendancy and enabled him to live a (life) far beyond the realm of (anxiety). This life was fully (dignified), with the highest standard of human (virtues) expressing the most excellent divine (attributes), a life that (resembled) the one that the Lord Himself had lived on the earth years before. This was Jesus living (again) on the earth in His divinely (enriched) humanity! This was the wonderful, excellent, and mysterious (God-man), who lived in the Gospels, continuing to live in the Acts through one of His many (members)! This was a living (witness) of the incarnated, crucified, resurrected, and God-exalted Christ!(SeeActs 28:9 note 1)

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