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[The Economy of God]-Chapter22-Part7

This is a wonderful picture. If I had more than ten Epistles like Romans, twelve like Corinthians and sixty like Ephesians, without this picture I could not be so clear. I am a simple little child, still needing pictures and drawings. When we are teaching children in kindergarten, we need some pictures. For example, to spell C-A-T to these children does not convey what is meant. We need to bring a picture of a cat and show it to them. Likewise, by beholding this picture of the tabernacle we can understand the real building of the church. It is not a matter of a pattern or an organization, nor is it any kind of formation by human hands, but it is Christ wrought into many persons, and they now uplift Christ and exalt Christ and put on Christ as their expression in order to cover and protect themselves.
Now let us look into the four layers of the covering. From within is the first layer of the finest materials—curtains of fine twined linen with embroidery of cherubim and beautiful colors of blue, purple, and scarlet wrought into them. Blue means heavenly, purple means royalty, and scarlet stands for redemption. The basic material, however, is the fine linen, which symbolizes the humanity of Christ with all His fine characteristics and behavior. The four Gospels give a record of a Man with both His human nature and conduct exactly like the fine linen. It is so fine, yet very strong, and because it is made of twined linen, it is doubled in strength. The Lord Jesus is so fine, yet He is so strong; there is nothing in Him that is crude or weak.