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China Imports And Exports. “One Window” Process Coming Soon

If your company gets any of its product from China, you probably know that clearing goods through U.S. Customs is the critical factor for on-time deliveries and realized budget projections. Streamlined border clearance procedures are in companies’ and governments’ mutual best interests.

President Obama has prioritized a U.S. “single window” process under which companies importing products into the United States from China (or anywhere else) or exporting product from the United States to China (or to anywhere else) will be able to submit nearly all required import/export information on standardized forms. These forms will be accessible to U.S. government agencies through a “single window” computerized system and this will mean that companies will no longer need to complete and file duplicative, multiple forms with different agencies. U.S. government agencies will be able to more efficiently evaluate shipments and work with companies to address issues with particular shipments of goods.

President Obama specified a December 31, 2016 deadline by which U.S. federal agencies must finalize capabilities for using a “single window” system. In addition to the “single window” system, a U.S. federal interagency group has undertaken efforts to evaluate using international classification codes so companies will not need to use multiple identification codes on U.S. import/export documents to reference the same commodity.

Centralization of import and export data under a “single window” system will allow U.S. government agencies to more effectively identify dangerous, prohibited, and non-compliant shipments. It also will better position the United States to better coordinate with other countries to ensure that shipments comply with applicable import or export regulations, applicable duties, and export controls.

Companies involved in shipping goods between China and the United States should seek to stay current on U.S. efforts to implement the “single window” system as doing so will help ensure compliance with all U.S. regulations and cost savings, and as the situation warrants, I will be back with updates.
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