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IELTS Speaking Part 2

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe an app (on amobile/cell phone or tablet) which you find very useful.

You should say:

what the app is

how long you have had this app

how easy it is to use

and explain why you find thisapp so useful

Well , I have become a real addict to my phone apps over the past afew years , I have got tons of them and they have made my life more easier and simpler , today I would like to choose one very productive app though to talk about , it is called Wechat , I am quiet certain that you might have heard of it as it is pretty well liked nationwide , it is a great social media likeTwitter and Facebook which connects you to your key pals and friends .

It has been more than 3 years since I began using it , it was recommended to me by one of my buddies , and it has become my top favorite appson my cell and tablet ,Wechat has variety of functions e.g you can share special moments with your friends , you can update them on what's new , you also can purchase things through it , you can do marketing for your brand if you wish to reach out more potential customers , beside that youcan send PDF or DOCs files to anyone within seconds , more importantly you cando audio and video calls with your buddies at no cost regardless where they are , Wechat is pretty friendly user,it is smooth and very responsive unlike other social media apps that crash allthe the time .

As for the reasons why I amquiet big fan of this app , first of all , thanks to Wechat , for the firsttime in my life I have become able to update my family members and close pals on what's going on in my life on daily basis , secondly , Wechat has changed me in away that I have turned from being

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