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MIIT regulates lithium-ion battery industry

Source: | Date: Nov. 4

  • China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently released an exposure draft of a tentative policy aimed at regulating the country's lithium-ion battery industry. The policy is designed to facilitate the healthy development of the lithium-ion battery industry and push ahead with its restructuring and upgrading, the MIIT said in the draft.

  • The policy is applicable to all the companies engaged in lithium-ion battery production, including those making anode materials, electrolyte, battery cells, and battery units. Companies that have been included in the MIIT's permission list must produce lithium-ion batteries in compliance with the government's preset rules and regulations. They are required to report their self-check results to the MIIT no later than Mar. 31 every year.

  • The MIIT considers battery producers' self-check reports as an important basis to assess the extent of their compliance with the government's rules and regulations. In addition, the MIIT will disqualify companies that have had serious quality-related accidents or stopped production for more than one year. Any disqualified companies must make corrections before applying for reinstatement. What's more, the MIIT is likely to entrust third-party agencies to sample products made by designated companies, according to the draft policy, which is scheduled to go into force in Dec. The MIIT is responsible for the interpretation of the policy.