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China's NEV industry gets boost from charging piles

Source: China Business News | Date: Nov. 5

  • Encouraged by multiple incentive policies that the government has implemented, a number of Chinese companies are stepping up construction of charging equipment for new-energy vehicles (NEVs). The State Grid and China Southern Power Grid, two major Chinese state-owned electric power companies, recently announced plans to build charging stations.

  • China Southern Power Grid said it will establish at least one or two charging facilities under a pilot program in 17 key cities between 2015 and 2016, with the Zhujiang River Delta and Hainan Island coming as two key areas. China's State Grid recently unveiled the results of its latest bidding invitation for a number of power source programs. The bidding invitation, which covers 30 charging equipment packages and 5 monitoring systems for EV battery charging and swaping, is worth about RMB 1.5 billion. A number of Chinese electric companies and new energy companies have won the bid, the State Grid said.

  • LeTV, a renowned Chinese online video sharing service provider, has been planning to build super cars and charging piles as part of its efforts to expand its presence in new energy sector. Tgood, a power transmission and distribution specialist, and East Group Co., Ltd., a major power source company, are among a group of companies seeking to expand their new energy portfolio by building charging piles and providing charging products. The fact that a part of their power technologies can be applicable to charging equipment has given these companies a unique advantage in terms of building charging piles.